SGO – Stained Glass Overlay – was developed in the USA in 1980’s and about 7 years ago bought out by RegaLead in the UK one of the worlds largest and most progressive decorative glass companies.

SGO is a modern process to create all the effects and looks of traditional leadlight stained glass, but with a few added benefits of its own. We as a group whilst offering the traditional method also give our clients the choice of this modern method which can include toughened safety glass as the basis for the panel. To this glass we bond on a coloured or textured mylar film which is then overplayed with a real lead strip on both sides of the glass to give the appearance of traditional leadlight.

this approach to creating modern leadlight stained glass, offers a number of advantages, the use of toughened glass to comply with the current glazing code, greater design freedom, and often a price advantage as well, this along with the simplicity of glazing means SGO can be utilised anywhere glass can be used.

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