Entrance Door concept drawing

To arrange your own piece of glass art the process is simple, we can arrange everything for you, from a quotation and initial measure to the final install. Initially you can contact us via either the contacts page and email, by telephone, or arrange a time to visit the nearest studio. If distance is such a studio visit is not possible don’t worry as most if not all of the process can take place by email and telephone, we have even sent glass art as far as Hong Kong, Tahiti, and many of the other Pacific Islands.

When making contact, have an idea of the the size of the piece of art glass you require, a couple of helpful diagrams are located on the measure page, and perhaps spend some time looking at images on our website, locally, magazines, and by searching on the internet.

Abstract Lounge Window

From this we will be able to then give you an indication of budget you will be working with. After this we can create some artwork along with a quotation and email it to you, this will get the ideas rolling. When you are happy with the design we can then begin to create the glass art for you. At any stage you are welcome to call or visit and discuss the process further.

Hallway feature

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